Laser Etch and Tonal Etch

The Tonal Etch technique gives a dimensional feel to your garment by using two (light and dark) contrasting tones. Our Single Tone Etch designs provide a more subtle tonal look or background. Choose stand-alone designs from our stock embroidery templates for Left Chest, Full-Size or even Jumbo Size.

Also consider combining our Etch technique with other techniques for a cool Combined Techniques look. For instance, add Laser Etch to your Appliqué for an additional $2.00! Or add a Laser Etch behind a Traditional Appliqué, Reverse Laser Appliqué or Jersey Appliqué for an additional $2.00!

Etching is made directly on the surface of the garment so certain materials and garments are better suited for Laser Etch techniques. Fabric must be 100% polyester and, because Etch effects may vary with garment color, we do not recommend this technique on Black, White or dark colors. You’ll get the best results from mid-tone colors.

To find out more about this exciting addition to our decoration offerings, contact our knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives or your Sales Representative. And check out the video clip to see how we do it!

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