Here you will find answers to some of your most frequently asked questions. If you need additional assistance, please contact Customer Service.

Will an artwork proof be sent to me before production?

Yes. On any new art, a proof will be sent. A proof can also be requested for any existing designs as well by contacting Customer Service

How many days until I receive a proof?

Lead times on proofs as well as production are updated nightly. They can be found here.

Where are examples of available lettering styles for sports uniforms like Baseball, Basketball, Track or Hockey?

Examples of available lettering styles for uniforms can be viewed on our website under the Uniform Decoration Guides.

Where can I view examples of available mascots?

A Mascot Library is located under the Stock Decoration Library section of our website.

Where can I find out information on what decoration placements are available?

Placement of decoration may vary on every single style based on design lines, inserts, seams, etc. However, we have a list of all possible placements here.

Our online order form lists the most common areas for placement. If you want something that is not listed, just let us know where you’d like it placed in the “Additional Instructions” box on the Order Form. Or call Customer Service and we’ll be happy to help you finalize the lettering position.

What is the normal turn time for a decoration order?

Lead times on garment decoration as well as art proofs are updated nightly. They can be found here.

If you need it faster, let us know. We can accommodate most requests. *Rush Fee may apply.

Are there any set-up charges for decoration?

There is a $25 fee for multiple size logo requests, a $10 fee per additional Mock Up and a 7 day lead time for Repeat/Reorder/As Before orders that require an edit.

What are the designs shown on garments on your website or in the Holloway catalog?

Template designs are utilized throughout the Holloway catalog. The design numbers are called out on where applicable for easy ordering.

What are the prices for decorations?

A link to the retail decoration prices can be found at the bottom of each Decoration Technique page. You can also request any decoration price through Customer Service.

What is minimum order for a decoration? And is there a less-than-minimum order charge?

Minimums for Laser Etch, Appliqué and Embroidery are 12 pieces with an upcharge of $60.00 for 1-5 pieces and $30.00 for 6-11 pieces.

Minimums for Screen Prints are 12 pieces.

Minimums for Combined Techniques designs are contingent upon the types of techniques that you combine to create your design. Please contact Customer Service to help determine the cost and minimums for your unique design.

What locations on the garment are available for decoration?

We can decorate any location within reason. Utilize the Decoration Placement tab as a guide to assist.

If it is something we cannot do based on the artwork or the garment itself, we will let you know up front.

What is the stitch count of the design?

The stitch count is the number of stitches required to complete an embroidered design. The more stitches required, the more time needed to embellish the product. Submit your artwork here to understand the estimated amount of stitches.

On Appliqué, what colors are available for Jersey and Twill?

There are a variety of Jersey and Twill colors available to choose from that will add dimension to your garment.